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The most common sexual dysfunction among men is 'Premature Ejaculation', a troublesome concern that can lead to relationship issues.
Regain control over your sexual functions by using these 5 masturbation aids of increasing stimulation intensity.

Start training for a more fulfilling sexual life today.

The TRAINER LOTION was developed specifically to provide optimal lubrication for training with the TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE-.

TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE- is a training item specially created for those who suffer from premature ejaculation.* Training in the proper way can help you master the art of control.
*Excluding premature ejaculation associated with a disease.

Fill weight : 160 ml / 5.41 fl oz
Size (D × W × H mm/in): 53 x 44 x 146 / 2.08 x 1.73 x 5.74
Weight (g/oz): 192 / 6.77

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