Try Our Endurance Training - Short Program (10 Sessions)

Try Our Endurance Training - Short Program (10 Sessions)

We will describe in detail the Short Program (10 sessions), one of the two types of premature ejaculation (PE) training offered by TENGA Healthcare.
The Short Program (10 sessions) is recommended for those with a penetration time of over 3 minutes. The more intensive Long Program (28 session course) is described here.

Table of Contents

  • Essential Knowledge for Premature Ejaculation Training
  • PE Training - Short Program
  • Introduction of Training Items
  • 5 Training Tips
  • [Pre-Training Tips] Identify Your Pelvic Floor Muscles
  • [Training] Ejaculation Control Through Pelvic Floor Muscle Training
    1. [Method 1] Non-Stop Training
    2. [Method 2] Stop/Start Method
  • [Post-Training Tips]
    1. Maintaining and Using What You Learned During Sex
    2. Maintenance Training (1 Time/Week)
    3. Optional Training - “Hip Thrust” Training
  • Seeking Counseling from a Specialist?
  • Summary: A Better Sex Life Through PE Training

Essential Knowledge for Premature Ejaculation Training

Premature ejaculation (PE) training is aimed at prolonging penetration time by learning how to control and relax the pelvic floor muscles.

As with most training, you will achieve better results with PE training when the goals and requirements are understood before starting.

If you have not yet reviewed the basic information, please read here first.

PE Training - Short Program (10 Session Course)

The PE Training Short Program consists of a pre-training pelvic floor muscle check and 10 training sessions.

The recommended frequency of training is 2 times a week. Even if your pace is less than that, as long as you complete the full 10 sessions, you can probably expect some positive results.

If you feel that the 10 Session Course is not enough, you may switch to the more extensive Long Program (28 Session Course).


Introduction of Training Items

In the Short Program (10 sessions), the MEN'S TRAINING CUP Endurance Training will be used


For the training, you will be using 2 each of Levels 1-5, but you can adjust as you go along.

5 Training Tips

  1. Perform each step of the training program as often as possible to make it second nature for your body. (2 times per week is recommended).
  2. After performing a step the prescribed number of times, move on to the next step even if you cannot perform that step with ease.
  3. If you find the stimulation to be too intense, try training while wearing a condom.
  4. Avoid pressing the pressure pads in the center of the TIMING TRAINER, or covering the air hole on the top of the CUP. If using the CUP, make sure to remove the air hole sticker before use.
  5. Even if you have not completed all of the training sessions, your ejaculation control may have improved. You may have sex while not completing all steps to check your current condition.

Once you have reviewed everything up to this point, it is time to practice PE training. Please read the following instructions and begin your training.

[Pre-Training] Identifying Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Before training with the item, make sure you are able to identify your pelvic floor muscles.

The pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that contract to stop urination, and as explained earlier, are attached to the pelvic floor in a hammock-like structure. 

To get a sense of your pelvic floor muscles and how they work, first try to move your pelvic floor muscles, tense them to draw your anus and scrotum up towards your stomach. 

You’re doing it correctly if the base of your penis also twitches as you tense your muscles.

If you are not sure about the movement, sit on your hand with your arm behind you, so that the center of your palm is under your anus with the tips of your fingers near your testicles. When you flex your pelvic floor muscles, you should feel movement with the base of your middle finger.

If you are using the correct muscles, you will also feel a slight pulling sensation in your palm.

On the other hand, if you feel pressure as if your entire palm is being pushed downward, you are using the wrong muscles.

Attention to and control over the pelvic floor muscles is very important in PE training, so put as much effort into it as you need to in order to accomplish this goal.

Once you are able to identify and feel the movement of your pelvic floor muscles proceed to the [Training] Section.

[Training] Ejaculation Control Through Pelvic Floor Muscle Training

The preparation should have helped you become better able to sense your pelvic floor muscles.

As ejaculation approaches, the pelvic floor muscles become tense. If you feel tension in the pelvic floor muscles just prior to ejaculation, use the following [Method 1] or [Method 2] to consciously relax the pelvic floor muscles and make the ejaculation feeling go away. 

Since [Method 1] may be more challenging at this time, we recommend that you start with [Method 2].
Of course [Method 2] is not easy either, but as you train more, your ability to endure will become easier. 

Then it may be easier to gradually learn how to master [Method 1]. 

In early training you can also mix [Method 1] and [Method 2] in one workout.


A good tip is to relax the pelvic floor muscles early. 

Many of those who have been successful in training say that they start relaxing when they reach the 70% point toward ejaculation. 

Assuming ejaculation is at 100%, it would be too late to start relaxing when they feel they are at about 90% to ejaculation. 

Until you get the hang of it, try to start relaxing the muscles earlier.

[Method 1] Non-Stop Training

In Method 1, stimulate yourself until you feel ejaculation nearing, then relax the pelvic floor muscles to keep the ejaculation sensation away.
Keep the feeling of impending orgasm away by only relaxing your pelvic floor muscles, while continuing to move your hand.
"Make the feeling subside four times during one training session, and then allow yourself to freely ejaculate the fifth time."

[Method 2] Stop/Start Method

The procedure is similar to Method 1, but in Method 2, you also stop your hand while relaxing your pelvic floor muscles to allow the feeling of ejaculation to subside. 

Here, the goal is to be able to make the feeling of impending ejaculation go away within approximately 45 seconds.

As you keep getting more used to it, gradually try to decrease the amount of time you stop hand movements.

As in Method 1, make the feeling subside four times during one training session, and then allow yourself to freely ejaculate the fifth time.

[Post Training Tips] 

Maintaining and Using What You Learned During Sex

At the end of the training program, you have hopefully mastered the skill of “controlling ejaculation by relaxing the pelvic floor muscles.”
Control ejaculation by relaxing your pelvic floor muscles in the way you have just learned during actual intercourse. 

Even if you did not notice much change during training, you may find you have more control over when you ejaculate. 

You can proudly have more self-confidence in your sex life.

Maintenance Training (1 Time/Week)

If you do not practice ejaculation control after training is completed, your body will forget the sensation. 
If you do not have the opportunity to have sex regularly, you should work on maintenance training about once a week.
Maintenance training can be done using a Level 5 MEN'S TRAINING CUP Endurance Training and by practicing [Method 1] or [Method 2] approximately once a week.
Even if you have done your training with the MENS TRAINING CUP, you can continue your maintenance training with the TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE- as well. 
For those who will continue to perform maintenance training, we recommend the TIMING TRAINER ENDURANCE, which can be reused repeatedly.

Optional Training - “Hip Thrust” Training

As you get used to this training, you can also train by thrusting with your hips as you would when having intercourse. 
Hold the CUP against a cushion or desk and then thrust your hips as you would if having sex.
We recommend incorporating the following cushion or something similar which will hold the CUP in a fixed position.

Seeking Counseling from a Specialist?

Results in premature ejaculation training are different for everyone. 
If training alone does not work well, seeking other assistance would be recommended, and counseling with a specialist may be the key to a solution.
Depending on your region, online counseling is also available for those seeking help.

If you live in the United States: Find a specialist through The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT)
For other regions, you can look for information from The World Association for Sexual Health website.


Summary: A Better Sex Life Through PE Training

This time, we explained about the 10 Session Premature Ejaculation Training.

Training, when done properly, can be effective. 

But the changes that can be obtained vary from person to person. 

In addition, it is important to persevere with training, because even if it is difficult at first, you may gradually start to feel the changes, or you may actually enjoy sexual intercourse for longer periods of time, even if the changes from training are minimal.

Try out the Premature Ejaculation Training described in this article to enjoy a better sex life.

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