Premature Ejaculation Training with the TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE-

Premature Ejaculation Training with the TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE-

Three people who have problems with premature ejaculation train with The TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE-. They share their results in their 7-week diaries

TENGA Healthcare gathered 3 individuals to improve their ejaculation latency time by training with the TIMING TRAINER - ENDURANCE -. 

All trainees were recruited through Twitter, and after an online meeting on how to train with the TIMING TRAINER - ENDURANCE -, each trainee received the product and recorded their experiences.

TENGA Healthcare launched The TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE-, a training item that can be used repeatedly for those suffering from premature ejaculation (PE)*.

*In certain cases, pre-existing conditions may not make this training effective.

In addition, we have developed guides for premature ejaculation training based on studies conducted using TENGA products.

This time, we asked three people concerned about their own issues with premature ejaculation to follow a training guide using the TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE- for seven weeks. We have shared excerpts from their diaries.


The TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE- is a reusable product optimized for premature ejaculation training.

The Premature Ejaculation Training was developed based on the research results of Spanish PE (premature ejaculation) treatment specialist, Dr. Jesus Rodriguez using the TENGA FLIP Zero.

For more information about the products, click: TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE-, TRAINER LOTION

What is Premature Ejaculation Training?

The following is a basic format of the 7-week Premature Ejaculation Training Program that the participants took part in:

Details and Reported Results of Training

You can read more about our participants' training results from the links below:

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