Premature Ejaculation Training Results for Mr. Momotaro

Premature Ejaculation Training Results for Mr. Momotaro

Case study results from Premature Ejaculation Training using the TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE-, a reusable training product for those suffering from premature ejaculation*

*This is a specific example. In certain cases, pre-existing conditions may not make this training effective


The TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE- is optimized for premature ejaculation training and can be reused.

The Premature Ejaculation Training was developed based on the research results of Spanish PE (premature ejaculation) treatment specialist, Dr. Jesus Rodriguez using the TENGA FLIP ZERO.


Mr. Momotaro's Profile

For details of Premature Ejaculation Diagnostic Tool please click here.

Mr. Momotaro's results of the premature ejaculation self-check was 16/20 points. His intravaginal ejaculation latency time before the start of his training was about 2 minutes. When we asked him about his results after the training, he said that his penetration time increased to approximately 23 minutes.

He decided to participate because "I thought I climaxed faster than others. So, when I happened to see this on Twitter and took the test, I felt my condition was serious enough to do something about."

Before the training, he met with a TENGA Healthcare employee who explained in detail about the importance of the pelvic floor muscles. Although Mr. Momotaro had no idea that the pelvic floor muscles were involved in ejaculation control, after the consultation, he was able to familiarize himself with the location of his pelvic floor muscles and learn of the importance and possibility of controlling them.

With that said, let's see how Mr. Momotaro's training went!


Training Week 1

The goal of STEP 1 is to become aware of how your pelvic floor muscles are moving during ejaculation.

Mr. Momotaro mentioned that he did understand about pelvic floor muscles, but still was not confident whether he could learn to control his ejaculation.


Training Weeks 2-4

STEP 2 is the longest portion of the training. Repeat the process of stimulating yourself and stopping before climax through relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles to get used to letting the feeling of ejaculating subside.

Mr. Momotaro said, "Initially, I was anxious because there was not much change in the time before orgasm. However in time and with more practice, I learned to quickly relax my pelvic floor muscles. And when I became more aware of my pelvic floor muscles, I felt like I could tell how close I was to climax more than ever."

But finally the results of his training began showing up in the numbers. As you can see, the change in time before ejaculation is shown in the graph at the end.

"I feel it's difficult to relax (the pelvic floor muscles) whenever I change the rhythm of my stroke," he confided in us about one of his biggest challenges.


Training Weeks 5-6

STEP 3 involves the most difficult part of the entire process, training to control the pelvic floor muscles to make climax subside while still continuing to stimulate yourself. Let's see how he did.

"Being aware of my pelvic floor muscles makes it easier to relax them," he said. In addition, he discovered that, "The secret is to just relax, as concentrating too hard makes the process more difficult."

However, although he certainly felt positive about the results so far, he also wrote that he was concerned about whether he would be able to do the same during sexual intercourse.


Training Week 7

STEP 4 involves stimulating yourself in a manner closer to sexual intercourse using "Hip Thrust" Training with the TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE- in a fixed position. Let's see how he did on the the last stage!

Momotaro found it difficult, "When I get close to climax, the speed at which I move my hips tends to move slower than when I used my hands."

However, as a result, Mr. Momotaro told us, "My average time (before ejaculation) has increased four times compared to the very first time."

He also expressed his desire to continue his training in the future.

 Thanks for all your hard work, Mr. Momotaro!


Change in Insertion Time While Training

Mr. Momotaro trained four times a week for a total of 28 sessions. Here are the results of measuring the length of time before ejaculation in each session of training using the TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE-.

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