Premature Ejaculation Training Results for Mr. Kanto-kun

Premature Ejaculation Training Results for Mr. Kanto-kun

Case study results from Premature Ejaculation Training using the TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE-, a reusable training product for those suffering from premature ejaculation*

*This is a specific example. In certain cases, pre-existing conditions may not make this training effective"


The TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE- is optimized for premature ejaculation training and can be reused.

The Premature Ejaculation Training was developed based on the research results of Spanish PE (premature ejaculation) treatment specialist, Dr. Jesus Rodriguez using the TENGA FLIP ZERO.

Mr. Kanto-kun's Profile

For details of Premature Ejaculation Diagnostic Tool please click here.

Mr. Kanto-kun's results of the premature ejaculation self-check was 14/20 points. His intravaginal ejaculation latency time before ejaculation, which he measured before the start of training, was 3 minutes and 30 seconds. At the end of training, he said that his vaginal penetration time before ejaculation increased to 9 minutes and 35 seconds.

"What I feel is troubling me is the lack of control over when I ejaculate." He said, "I quickly ejaculate after changing positions during penetration. When I feel like I'm about to climax, it suddenly happens without my control. I feel sorry for my partner if I can't make them climax as well when having sex."

When having a consultation with the TENGA Healthcare associate, he was told in detail how the pelvic floor muscles work and how they are related to ejaculation.  "I was surprised to hear that they should relax, not tense up, in order to hold back ejaculation."

In addition, through the consultations,he was able to get a better understanding of the location of the pelvic floor muscles and how it is possible to exert control over them.

Next, let's move on to the training itself.

Training Week 1

The goal of STEP 1 is to become aware of how your pelvic floor muscles are moving during ejaculation.

He also commented, "Ever since I was chosen to be a participant, I've been very excited to take part!" 

Understanding the current situation is a great start to work towards improvement.

Training Weeks 2-4

Mr. Kanto-kun felt unsure about how this would work, mentioning that,"I understand that stopping my hand from moving will make the feeling of impending ejaculation subside, but I couldn't imagine how I could hold back (from ejaculating) and still continue my hand movements .......(as in the later STEPs)"

However, "As I continued, I understood why STEP 2 took a longer period of time to complete. I gradually felt I was getting a grasp of what was going on with my body."

He is also enthusiastic about continuing to the next step, realizing that he still has areas to improve, and confident that he will do well with more practice.

Training Weeks 5-6

STEP 3 is the most difficult part of the entire process, training to control the pelvic floor muscles to make the feeling of climax subside while still continuing the stimulation. Let's see how he did.

Mr. Kanto-kun commented that "The improvement in my non-stop control is hard to see from my measured results, it was very difficult to control my pelvic floor muscles to stop from ejaculating, and seemed to take forever. But, it did feel good to know I was working hard to accomplish my goals."

But it looks like he is getting the hang of it!

He found that with repeated practice he managed to learn some tips and tricks that helped with the training. Getting to learn more about your body and exert more control over it is what it is all about!

Training Week 7

STEP 4 involves stimulating yourself in a manner closer to sexual intercourse using "Hip Thrust" Training with the TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE- in a fixed position. This is the last stage, let's wish him the best of luck!

He also added that compared to STEP 3, this time it was just physically exhausting as actual sexual intercourse with similarly more realistic sensations. Ultimately, STEP 4 appeared to be the most effective level of training.

Mr. Kanto-kun did not have sexual intercourse during the training period, and was excited about continuing the training, and seeing how far he has progressed.

Thanks for all your hard work, Mr. Kanto-kun!

Change in Insertion Time While Training

Mr. Kanto-kun trained 4 times a week for a total of 28 sessions. These are the results of measuring the length of time before climax in each session of training using the TIMING TRAINER -ENDURANCE-.


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