Premature Ejaculation (PE) Training with Special Products.

Premature Ejaculation (PE) Training with Special Products.

Tips on How to Choose and Use the Right One

How is your Premature Ejaculation Training progressing?

Premature Ejaculation Training can be performed with two different products, the TIMING TRAINER or the MEN'S TRAINING CUP.  But perhaps you may be wondering which set is best for you.

We would like to explain the features of each product and how to use them effectively.


 Features of The TIMING TRAINER
 Features of The MEN'S TRAINING CUP
 How To Use A Combination of Both

What is Premature Ejaculation Training?

To help with selecting a product, we will give a brief description of Premature Ejaculation Training.

Premature Ejaculation Training is training to learn how to control ejaculation by performing exercises such as stopping before ejaculating during masturbation.

TENGA Healthcare recommends training to control ejaculation through the successful use of the pelvic floor muscles. This method consists of a total of 28 training sessions in 4 STEPs. By following the STEPs, you can gradually learn the skill of control.

For Reference

"The Comprehensive Guide to Premature Ejaculation Training:

The essentials for men suffering from premature ejaculation"


Why You Should Use a Specialized Product

Premature Ejaculation Training using pelvic floor muscles was used in a study using patients with premature ejaculation and reported a 2.69 times increase in vaginal penetration time around the 7th week of training [1].

The Study divided subjects into two groups, one using masturbation items for training and the other only using their hands. The Report shows that the group using masturbation items had a significantly greater prolonged penetration time during actual intercourse.

The researcher who conducted the study hypothesized that the reason may have been that the masturbation items simulated actual vaginal penetration better, and so increased the effect of training.

This is why we suggest that Premature Ejaculation Training should be performed with specialized items.

Which Specialized Product Should I Use?

There are two types of products dedicated to Premature Ejaculation Training: The TIMING TRAINER ENDURANCE and The MEN'S TRAINING CUP Endurance Training. Either can be used for training.

The features and benefits of each are described below.

Features of The TIMING TRAINER 

Based on the research introduced earlier, the TIMING TRAINER ENDURANCE has been optimized for training by designing the internal details and material firmness to more closely simulate the sensations of vaginal penetration.

The TIMING TRAINER is a reusable product. Once purchased, you can work on your training without worrying about the cost of regularly purchasing new products (please note that additional lotion must be purchased).

Please be aware that Premature Ejaculation Training requires ongoing training to maintain its effectiveness even after training is completed.

In this respect, there is an advantage to choosing the reusable TIMING TRAINER.

Purchase The TIMING TRAINER Here

Features of The MEN'S TRAINING CUP 

Unlike The TIMING TRAINER, The MEN'S TRAINING CUP is a single use, disposable product.

The greatest features of this product are that it is disposable and there are 5 different levels of CUPs with different stimulation intensities as you gradually progress through your training.

Specifically, you can switch to lower stimulation when training is difficult, while training with stronger stimulation can be used when your training level increases.

The price per unit is less expensive than The TIMING TRAINER, but the overall cost may be higher because it is a one-time disposable product. However, since it is disposable and easy to use, those who are new to using TENGA products may want to start with the TRAINING CUP first.

Purchase The MEN’S TRAINING CUPs Here

Below is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each product

  • More economical - overall lower cost long-term
  • Reusable (only periodic purchases of lotion is required)
  • Training with different levels of stimulation possible
  • Disposable, so it is hygienic & no need for cleaning
  • Inexpensive per unit, can be used on a trial basis
  • Purchase of lotion required
  • Overall long-term cost is higher


How To Use A Combination of Both Products

Now that we have introduced the features and benefits of both products, we will discuss the possibility of training with a combination of the TIMING TRAINER and the MEN's TRAINING CUPs.

Example of combination use - 1

The stimulation intensity of the TIMING TRAINER is approximately the same as that of the MEN'S TRAINING CUP Level 3.

If you feel that the TIMING TRAINER is too stimulating and difficult to train with at first, it is recommended to start with the less stimulating MEN'S TRAINING CUP Level 1 or Level 2, until you are ready for the TIMING TRAINER.

On the other hand, if you feel that The TIMING TRAINER is not stimulating enough, or if you want to train with a different level of stimulation every now and then for practice, you can try using The MEN'S TRAINING CUP Level 5, which has stronger stimulation.

Please note that The MEN'S TRAINING CUP and The TIMING TRAINER may provide differences in the way stimulation is felt depending on the size of the penis and other factors. It is advisable to try various products to find the one that suits you best.

Example of combination use - 2

Premature ejaculation training, like muscle training, will loses its effectiveness if no follow-up training is performed after the training is completed.

Ejaculation control should be implemented about once a week to maintain effectiveness. If there is no opportunity for actual intercourse, maintenance training can be performed with the MEN'S TRAINING CUP Level 5 or the TIMING TRAINER.

Even for those who have trained with the MEN'S TRAINING CUP, we would recommend using the TIMING TRAINER for maintenance training, so to not have to worry about continual purchases. Like with mastery of any skill, do not let your endurance lapse after completing the training, and do your best to maintain your improved level of control.

Example of combination use - 3

For those who find it cost prohibitive to buy the TIMING TRAINER initially, or for those who want to test out a TENGA product for the first time, we recommend starting with the MEN'S TRAINING CUP.

If you feel you wish to continue training after your initial purchase, you can always switch to the TIMING TRAINER.

Summary: Using Specialized Products for Effective, Continuous Training

"Premature Ejaculation Training aims to help you gain more control over your pelvic floor muscles, and certain training products can help increase the length of time before ejaculation by providing more realistic sensations during training. 

In this article, we introduced two types of specialized products for Premature Ejaculation Training, including their features and recommended uses. While training is possible with either product, we encourage you to engage in Premature Ejaculation Training with the product and method that best suits your needs. 


- Reusable and more economic in the long run.

MEN'S TRAINING CUP Endurance Training

- Different levels of stimulation/sensations to try.

- Disposable for easy use and cleaning.

Or combine both for a perfectly tailored training regimen!

We hope that if you are interested in starting training, we have helped you know what to do, what products you can use, and that there is always a chance for improvement.

Remember, perseverance and repetition are the key, so don't give up!


[1]Rodríguez, Jesús E., Juan C. Marzo, and José A. Piqueras. "Efficacy of Sphincter Control Training (SCT) in the treatment of premature ejaculation, a new cognitive behavioral approach: A parallel-group randomized, controlled trial." PloS one 14.2 (2019): e0212274.


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