Overcoming Intravaginal Ejaculation Disorder

Overcoming Intravaginal Ejaculation Disorder

Hello everyone, I am Mr. Sato from TENGA Healthcare. I am also a long-time sufferer from intravaginal ejaculation disorder ever since I lost my virginity.
I have received some very encouraging messages on Twitter from users of the MEN'S TRAINING CUPS.
I was able to get special permission from one of our users to share this information with you in the hopes that it will help others facing similar problems with intravaginal ejaculation disorder, so I encourage you to please take some time to read this testimonial!

From Mr. Furuya (alias), male, 20s
I had intravaginal ejaculation disorder. However, after several years of dating my girlfriend while suffering from it, TENGA HEALTHCARE helped me to find a solution to my issue.

「Not being able to express my feelings to the person I love the most.」
"The stress was more painful than I could have ever imagined."
"I couldn't talk to my friends about it, as they just dismissed it as no big deal, and could not understand the stress it was causing me. I used tot go along with the jokes as a way to cope with it mentally."
"However, after about six months of dating, I began to seriously worry about this problem."

「Sure, we hug, we kiss, and we even have foreplay. Isn't that good enough?」
"At first it seemed enough, but sex to me is still the ultimate form of intimate communication. The fact that it always ends in failure to ejaculate leaves both people with a sense of uselessness and shame."
"Naturally, I felt it was my fault, but she also gradually began to feel some responsibility."

「She said, "Maybe it's my fault. I'm so sorry!"」
"""It was emotionally painful to hear her apologize. She had always been self-conscious of sex, and I got the impression that this fear was now being amplified. I began to feel a sense of helpnessness that was hard to put into words.""
"Still, I could never leave the person whom I loved and who loved me just as much. Several years passed with the pain and the fear that we might not be able to have children in the future."

"While researching intravaginal ejaculation disorder on the internet, I one day found TENGA and I went straight to Amazon to find that there was a series of products from TENGA HEALTHCARE."

"This is what I've been looking for all along!"
"At that time, I was so happy that I shouted for joy in my room! I started with Level 02 and worked my way up to Level 05 over the course of a month. "
"Finally, after several years of having this issue, I was able to ejaculate during sex."
"I was happy, and most importantly, she was also happy! I felt confident that we could finally move our relationship forward."
"We often say, 「Don't laugh at another person's sex life」 and it is important to understand just how serious of a concern it can be for those in a similar situation."
"I am truly grateful to TENGA for helping solve my problem."

What are your thoughts after reading about this person's struggle?
"Finally, after several years of having this issue, I was able to ejaculate during sex", that must have been a very emotional experience.
As someone who had the same problem, I understand that feeling painfully well. The awkwardness of not achieving orgasm no matter how many times you try, and the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when it is finally resolved. I truly hope that many people with the same problem can experience the feeling of overcoming that obstacle.
Of course, the primary goal of sex does not have to be an orgasm, but to confirm and deepen love through physical communication with the person you love. If sex is like that, it can be enjoyed for many years to come, even if sexual function declines due to old age or illness. We should never use our partner as a tool for mere sexual gratification.
"On this site, you will find testimonials from four other people with similar problems.
There are also the voices from women who have partners with intravaginal ejaculation disorders. We hope you will please read these brave testimonials as well."
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