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MEN’S TRAINING CUP Endurance Training

The MEN’S TRAINING CUP is a single-use product for hygienic reasons. Please do not reuse it or share it with others. If looking for a reusable alternative, please consider purchasing our TIMING TRAINER, a training item that can be used repeatedly.

Follow the instructions in the training guide to complete the 4 STEP Training (28 total sessions).

Follow the instructions in the training guide to complete the 4 STEP Training (28 total sessions).

We recommend training 4 times a week for 7 weeks (28 total sessions). If four times a week is difficult, you can reduce the frequency, but follow the steps in the training guide for a total of 28 training sessions.

A: Premature ejaculation is defined as ejaculation within one minute of penetration. However, it is not the duration of penetration that is important, but whether you and your partner are satisfied with the time. If you have not talked with your partner about satisfaction with your sex life, we encourage you to do so. When 449 women were surveyed about their ideal insertion time, the average ideal insertion time, in their opinion, was 9.7 minutes (TENGA Healthcare survey, 2017).

The diameter of the insertion portion of the cup body is about 6 cm. If your thickest part is over 4.5 cm, you may have trouble inserting into the cup and may not be able to feel the stimulation properly. Please check your size and if it exceeds 4.5 cm in diameter, it may be difficult to use. We are sorry, but we do not currently offer a range of sizes.

Training is possible as long as insertion is possible. If you have difficulty inserting into the CUP, please use a level with a lower stimulation (the softer material may make for for easier insertion).

Your body may forget the premature ejaculation training through manipulation of the pelvic floor muscles if it has not been done for a while. Have sexual intercourse regularly (recommended once a week) or use a Level 5 TRAINING CUP to make sure your body maintains its endurance level.

There are holes (cuts) made during production to allow air to escape from the cup during insertion. It is part of the design.

If insertion is difficult, please check the following points. 

・Make sure you have removed the sticker from the top of the product. If the sticker is still attached, air will not escape, making insertion difficult. 

・If you experience pain during insertion, apply a little lotion to your erection to make insertion smoother. If you still experience pain, please try a CUP which is one level of stimulation lower. 

・If you are unable to insert into the device, your erection may not be hard enough. Try a CUP with one Level lower stimulation (the elastomer should be softer and easier to insert into).

Be aware that as the lotion dries out, the sensation of stimulation changes, which can interfere with training. If you feel that the lotion is getting dry, first add the lotion attached to the lid of the CUP. If that is not enough, please purchase additional lotion.

The sponge is included to prevent the lotion from drying out. It should not cause any problems if it comes out during use, so please use it as is.

We would recommend training with condoms. The use of a condom can reduce stimulation.

Once you are fully aware of the movement of the pelvic floor muscles, you may proceed to STEP 2 even if you have not completed 4 sessions of training at this point. However, after STEP 2, you should complete the recommended number of times before moving on to the next step.

Even if you cannot complete the STEPs, keep training. You may still be improving with the manipulation of your pelvic floor muscles. If you are not feeling progress at all with the manipulation of your pelvic floor muscles, go back to STEP 0 again to review the procedures.

We recommend securing the CUP to a cushion or something to simulate the positions you do during sex.

We recommend continuing the “Hip Thrust” training in STEP 4. Be even more conscious of relaxing your pelvic floor muscles as you continue to train. We also recommend using the TENGA CUP WARMER to warm up the CUP, as this may make it feel closer to actual sexual intercourse.

During actual sexual intercourse, be aware to relax your pelvic floor muscles as you would during training. Also, the warm temperature of your partner's vagina may make it difficult to extend insertion time. If this is the case, try warming your MEN’S TRAINING CUP with the TENGA CUP WARMER before training.